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Acari (mites)
Amphipoda (landhoppers)
Araneae (spiders)
Chilopoda (centipedes)
Collembola (springtails)
Diplopoda (millipedes)
Isopoda (slaters)
Insecta (insects)
Mollusca (slugs & snails)
Oligochaeta (earthworms)
Onychophora (peripatus)
Opiliones (harvestmen)
Turbellaria (flatworms)


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Welcome to the Image Gallery

Click on one of the thumbnails below to access the Gallery of New Zealand soil and litter invertebrates.

The majority of the animals featured in the Gallery were photographed live in the field. Each photograph caption describes the place and the habitat where we found the animal, its scientific name (if available), and whether it is introduced or native to New Zealand. If we know that the animal is unique to New Zealand (not found anywhere else), it is marked as "endemic to NZ ", but many animals marked as "native" are probably also endemic. Each image is identified by a unique file name - please use it as a reference if contacting us with any questions about a particular image. Many of New Zealand soil invertebrate groups are poorly studied, and identification keys to species and genera are not always available. Please contact us at soilbugs@massey.ac.nz if you recognize any of the unnamed species in the Gallery, or if you detect any errors.

All images in the Gallery are protected by the copyright law, and contain digital watermark by Digimarc Corporation - please read Terms and Conditions for the terms of use. High-resolution print-quality versions of most images are available. If you would like to purchase a print-quality image, or have any queries relating to image files, please contact Dr. Maria Minor or Dr. Alastair Robertson at soilbugs@massey.ac.nz.

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Acari - mites Amphipoda - landhoppers Araneae - spiders
thumbnail1 thumbnail1 thumbnail1
Chilopoda - centipedes Collembola - springtails Diplopoda - millipedes
thumbnail1 thumbnail1 thumbnail1
Diplura Isopoda - slaters Insecta - insects
thumbnail1 thumbnail1 thumbnail1
Mollusca - slugs Mollusca - snails Nematoda - roundworms
thumbnail1 thumbnail1 thumbnail1
Oligochaeta - earthworms Onychophora - peripatus Opiliones - harvestmen
thumbnail1 thumbnail1
Pauropoda Protura Pseudoscorpions
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Symphyla Tardigrada Turbellaria - flatworms

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